How to Make a Payment with MyHOA

To make a payment, you can either click Make Payment when you are in an account, or by clicking Make Payment on the home screen and selecting the account. 

Once in the Make Payment view, you can take the following steps to make a payment for the first time. 

1. Enter the amount you wish to pay, the amount you owe will be added as the default payment 

2. Click on add payment method 

3. Select either credit card or bank account and follow the instrcutions for entwering in your credit card number or signing into your bank account 

4. Once your payment method has been added, you can pay by clicking on the green payment button. 

Note: once your payment has been processed by the bank or credit card processing services, your account status will change to yellow, or pending status and you will receive a receipt for your payment. Once your payment fully processed with your HOA, your account will turn to green and you will know that your payment has completed processing.