Issues Connecting Bank Account

We are sorry to hear you are having issues with accessing your bank in the app.  We use a 3rd party service called Plaid, and while most of the time people can seamlessly pay, sometimes a bank doesn't work like we expect. Here are some common issues, but we recommend going through your bank's bill pay system to avoid fees, here's a link with more information about that

What happens if my bank account is not listed? 
Plaid currently supports over 2000 financial institutions, and they’re continuously working on adding more. If your bank does not appear in the list, there may be two reasons why:

  • Your bank is not supported by Plaid.
  • Your bank is not supported with our current integration with Plaid.

Because we require additional bank details to complete our user verification, this limits the number of banks we can support with our Plaid integration. Plaid may support over 2000 financial institutions but if these institutions do not collect or share the information we need, we're not able to support them. 

We understand how frustrating this is and we are constantly sharing user feedback with Plaid and our Product Team to improve our services.

Other companies that use Plaid support my bank but MyHOA does not.

Yes, this is something users will see when using other exchanges that have a different Plaid integration set up. Since we require more information from the banks to complete our user verification, we have a limited amount of banks we can support - regardless of whether the bank is supported by Plaid. This is a common issue for smaller banks and credit unions.