How do I report a maintenance issue?

Reporting common area maintenance issues is extremely beneficial to the community, so thank you for taking the initiative!  First of all, please confirm that this is a COMMON AREA maintenance issue, and not a homeowner maintenance issue.  Common areas include:  streets, park areas, roofs (condos/townhouses), and other shared elements.  There are several ways to report common area maintenance issues to us:

1.  Submit online, which sends us an email

This is the most effective method to communicate all critical information.  Go to our online submission form at this link:  Enter all required information, including location of issue, description of issue, and photos (if possible).  We will look into the issue as soon as possible.

2.  Send an email directly to your property manager or assistant

If you have contact information for your community manager, or their assistant, you can reach them directly.  Please provide the following information in your email:  community name/address, location of issue, description of issue, and photos (if possible).

3. Call us in an emergency

Reach us anytime of day at (480) 820-1519.  After hours, press 8 to be transferred to our on-call receptionist.  If we are unable to answer your call, leave a message with the following information:  your name, community name/address, location of issue, and description of issue.