What happens if I don't pay my HOA assessments (dues)?

Paying your HOA dues in a timely manner is critical for the ongoing maintenance of your community.  Your community relies on your prompt payments to pay bills for landscaping, pools, gates, irrigation, pest control, street maintenance, capital improvements, and many other amenities.  While your association understands that sometimes residents will have a hard time making ends meet, we encourage you to prioritize HOA dues so you can continue to enjoy the amenities provided by your community.  The consequences of late payments are listed below, in order of severity.  To avoid these late payment penalties, please contact us to set up a payment plan

1.  You will receive deliquency notices in the mail.  These mailings will include descriptions of the consequences of continued non-payment

2.  Late payment fees will be applied to your account.  The exact amount differs between communities, but will be included in the mailed notices

3.  You will no longer be able to use community amenities like pools, spas, clubhouse, etc

4.  Your account information may be sent to a lawyer or collections agency, which may affect your credit score

5.  For large delinquency amounts, your association may pursue legal action to collect the funds, such as money judgements and wage garnishments

6.  If your association pays for residential water, they may elect to shut off your water.  If your water is shut off, you must contact Heywood Management to set up a payment plan to get it turned back on