Board Member How To: Facilitate a Board Meeting

Usually, the President of the board of directors facilitates the board meeting.  If the President does not feel comfortable in this role, another board member, or the community manager can take on this responsibility.  Facilitating the board meeting can include the following responsibilities (and more), in chronological order:  

  • Arriving early to setup the room
  • Welcoming homeowners and board members
  • Starting the meeting
  • Introducing agenda topics
  • Keeping the meeting on topic
  • Keeping the meeting on schedule
  • Ensuring all board members have a chance to share their opinions
  • Facilitating votes of the board members when appropriate
  • Adjourning the meeting

For new boards or boards with a rowdy homeowner audience, using Roberts Rules of Order can be helpful.  Roberts Rules of Order is a formal and standard way of facilitating meetings and votes.  If you've every heard the terms 'I motion to.....  Who second's?  I second...  All those in favor?  I, I , Nay", these are Roberts Rules in action.

More information about these standard procedures for running meetings effectively can be found on these websites: