2019 Payment Updates Mutual

The following instructions are meant for those who use Mutual of Omaha to make reoccurring payments. Mutual of Omaha has created a new website that is more user friendly than its predecessor but does require making a new profile.

  • After entering some of your basic information you will get to the page below “Register your property”. It automatically loads to the "property address" option, but you will want to select “Property ID’s”. You will need your management ID, association ID, and account number for this step. If you do not have this information email us at: payments@heywoodmanagement.com and we can reply with the information you need.

  • Once you enter the management id, association id, and account number verify the address that will auto fill after you select “find my property”, select “register my property”
    • It requires you give the property a nickname, you can choose anything for this part it is a tool most helpful to those who manage or own multiple homes.
  • Once you verify security questions the site will have you login with the username/email and password you previously set up. Once signed in, select make a payment and from there it should be smooth sailing. You can select to make the payment once or set it up to reoccur. We recommend using the option of your account routing number/e-check, the credit card option has a high processing fee. 

***Please note: You may also choose to set up automatic payments through your bank’s online payment service. Your bank will need to know who the check should be payable to your Association, your HOA account number, the amount and frequency to be paid and mailing address PO Box 62708 Phoenix AZ 85082-2708.