How to set up autopay


My HOA allows you to set up an auto payment while viewing your account details. Auto payments are automatically withdrawn the first day of the month that your payment is due, so that you don't have to visit the app each time you need to pay your fees. 

Set Up

click on set up autopay to begin

1. Select your account free payment frequency, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. If you are unsure of your frequency, contact our customer service team and they can look up your account information to help you complete this step. 

2. Next, decide if you want an end date, which if added will stop processing automatically or if you would like to proceed with the default setting of no end date. Auto payment sets ups can be removed at any time to stop automatic payments.

3. Last, confirm the pre-populated amount is the amount you wish to be withdrawn monthly. The amount entered will automatically be withdrawn from your account on the first day of the month your fee is due.  If you have not yet selected a payment method, one will need to be added before payment can be completed. 

Change or Disable Autopay

Currently there is not way to make changes to an already existing autopay set up. In order to make a change to your auto pay set up, you will need to remove the first set up and create a new one. You will not be double charged for this action, the payment will simply be withdrawn based on your new rules on the first of the month your payment is due. 

To remove an auto payment, enter the details of your auto payment and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see the remove action. Once selected, the app will make sure you want to complete the action and the auto payment will be removed.